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Game of Clones

The discussion about neobiota is a long-running issue in nature conservation. In the Sparkling Science project "Game of Clones", new ways of dealing with the topic are being tested using the example of Japanese knotweed.

UNESCO World Heritage Nomination Beech Forests

Europe's last ancient and primeval beech forests and their continental-wide expansion process were nominated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in February 2016. A unique nature conservation project including twelve European State Parties and more than 250 experts.

Biotopkartierung Kärnten

Dr. Hanns Kirchmeir talks about the biotope mapping of Carinthia. Biotope mapping is a valuable tool that shows the current environmental status of biotopes.

E.C.O.pteryx - Jungfernflug

The hexacopter E.C.O.pteryx enables a totally novel method of landscape analysis. This drone offers a completely new quality of image material from unusual perspectives.

Management of Protected Areas

Planning and managing protected areas is a challenging, but also rewarding mission. With the MSc programme "Management of Protected Areas" we provide a profound interdisciplinary education for interested persons.

map&go - Innovationspreis des Landes Kärnten 2014

For the project map&go, E.C.O. Institute for Ecology was awarded the innovation and research prize of the Land of Carinthia in 2014. With map&go project data is collected on the ground and the digitization process is completed in the field.