flora@austria.eu: Native and non-native plant species around the school campus

Associated persons Anna Kovarovics, Michael Fercher
Clients Institute for Instructional and School Development (IUS)
Year 2016
The native Flora of Austria consists of a vast number of plant species originating from distinct parts of our world. Through human settlement numerous species (so-called archaeophytes)-primarily originating from Asia Minor- were added to this existing portfolio of native species (autochthonous). In the early modern area further species followed, mainly coming from Asia and America (Neophytes). Finally, there has been a group of plant species that was primarily native to Austria and managed it to populate different parts of the planet. E.C.O. is commissioned to create a collection of appealing teaching materials and spreadsheets for pupils targeting the floral composition of their immediate surroundings by incorporating innovative technical and didactical methodologies.