What People Are Talking About

Communication is upheld in the natural parks of South Tyrol.

“I have never consciously thought about the number of people to whom I talk about our nature park within a week“, said an astounded member of the nature park staff. The staffs of the nature parks are continuously in contact with a lot of people: visitors and locals, colleagues, schoolchildren and researchers to mention but a few. Every contact and every conversation contributes to the public image of the natural parks.

“One Cannot Not Communicate” (Paul Watzlawick). This was also the theme of a two-day seminar on the topic of “Corporate Communication” held in South Tyrol in October and November. It aimed at making the contribution of every single person to the overall picture of the nature parks evident and known. Talks and contacts are to be used more targeted in future. Participants in this seminar were the members of staff of the eight nature parks in South Tyrol. The management and administrative assistants were present as well as also those responsible for the maintenance of the paths or those who take care of visitors.

The seminar was held in the venerable setting of Neustift monastery near Brixen on the initiative of Dr. Artur Kammerer, the director of the office for nature parks in South Tyrol. Advertising and communication expert, Ilia Willenig-Krammer, and the expert on protected areas, Michael Jungmeier, together led the way through the programme which included everything from specialist presentations to the current development of protected areas, the basics of communication, participation and branding as well as interesting discussions and entertaining role plays.

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