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New poster sets the mood for MCA

The Master of Science Programme “Management of Conservation Areas” will not only start this autumn with new students and an updated curriculum, it is also presenting itself with a new poster. “The poster's visual language alone is conveying the diversity of people, landscapes and topics we will be dealing with in this course,” explains Michael Jungmeier, the scientific director of the programme.

And it once again highlights the most important contents of this training programme, which is unique throughout Europe:

- managing conservation areas effectively
- using new ways of communication
- dealing with stakeholders in a better way

If you know a place that should be decorated with this poster, you can either print it yourself or order the required copies from Selina Treffner (treffner@e-c-o.at).

If you are interested in the study programme “Management of Conservation Areas” or another of our training programmes, you can find all further information at https://e-c-o.at/trainings-en.html.

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