The future of forest monitoring

Digital twin of a forest

Forest monitorings rank among E.C.O.’s core services. We provide them in Austria and internationally. Our last field trip brought us to Gesäuse National Park, located in one of Austria`s high alpine regions, where we got the chance to work with a tool which can definitely be considered ‘the future of forest monitoring’.

By means of a huge laser scanner, our team members Vanessa Berger, expert in spatial modelling, and Tobias Köstl, vegetation ecologist and head of the nature team, created a digital 3D twin of an Austrian forest.

This technique allows to map the forest with unprecedented accuracy. With the data the forest’s growth can be documented towards the last scan. The laser scanner locates the trees and can also assess the ‘competition’ among them.

The laser scanner was provided by Umweltdata GmbH. We thank Günther Bronner and his team and are looking forward to using the scanner in August in Gesäuse National Park again.

Joanneum Research will use the data as reference for their deep learning approaches.

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