New publication: Natur und Mensch in der Schütt


Die Bergsturzlandschaft im Naturpark zwischen Dobratsch und Gail

In the beginning of June the publication „Natur & Mensch in der Schütt - Die Bergsturzlandschaft im Naturpark zwischen Dobratsch und Gail“ was published. The editorial team Bettina Golob (NWV), Michael Jungmeier and Elisabeth Kreimer (both E.C.O.) officially presented the illustrated nature guide to the public at the Spring Conference of the botanist section of the Natural Scientific Association of Carinthia on the 7th of June 2013. Around 150 people participated in the official presentation and joined a guided tour to the mountain landslide area “Schütt” in the afternoon.

47 different scientists and experts contributed to this greatly expanded new edition and added their specific knowledge about the area in a very comprehensible way. The publication deals with the nature character, flora and fauna, cultural aspects, but also addresses the interaction between nature and man.

Caused by an earthquake, enormous rock masses loosened and thundered down into the valley in 1348 creating the biggest rock slide and scree area in the Eastern part of the Alps. Already 15 years ago a large number of scientists authored the first edition of the publication „Bergsturz – Landschaft – Schütt“. It was also edited by the Natural Scientific Association of Carinthia. This first comprehensive publication of the area “Schütt” was consequently sold out quickly.

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