Landscape elements in the Grebenzen Nature Park – An inventory

Associated persons Michael Jungmeier, Judith Drapela, Peter Karner
Clients Verein Naturpark Grebenzen
Regions Austria
Year 2000

Grebenzen Nature Park spans 80 km² and is located in the district of Murau in the Austrian province of Styria. It covers eight communities. The inventory records the landscape elements of the Nature Park based on exemplary documentation. It is closely linked to the “Research guide” for the Grebenzen Nature Park and to the discussion about a possible cultural landscape programme (ÖPUL-Nature Protection Plan). In the course of a territorial survey, 112 different landscape elements were documented with respect to location, vegetation, uses and importance. The features of the area demonstrate its high ecological importance, with the environment and quality of the wetlands deserving special mention.