Evaluation of UNESCO's World Heritage Capacity Building Strategy.

Associated persons Michael Huber, Lisa Wolf, Ines Schäfer
Clients UNESCO
Year 2022

In 2011, the World Heritage Committee adopted a global capacity building strategy for World Heritage sites. The aim of the strategy is to improve the capacities of World Heritage managers, UNESCO Member States and organizations involved in World Heritage management. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the strategy, the World Heritage Committee has now decided to conduct an independent evaluation in order to make successes visible on the one hand and to derive recommendations for a future strategy on the other hand.

Together with Dr. Susanne Pecher, we are evaluating the strategy in terms of goal achievement and relevance. Due to the diverse objectives and activities of the strategy and the numerous actors involved, we are following a combined approach of document analysis, qualitative interviews with key actors and a global online survey.

The results will be presented at the next World Heritage Conference and will be incorporated into the revision of the Capacity Building Strategy.