Mapping of the FFH forest habitat types in the Natura2000 area Bregenzerachschlucht

Associated persons Hanns Kirchmeir, Anneliese Fuchs, Tobias Köstl
Clients Office of the Vorarlberg State Government
Regions Austria
Year 2022

For the Natura2000 site Bregenzerachschlucht, a management plan from 2004 and a forest plan from 2006 are available. E.C.O. is now carrying out an up-to-date mapping of all FFH forest habitat types in the area. Furthermore, a hazard analysis of the protected goods and an assessment of hazards, impairments and disturbances are to be carried out. Possible conflicts of objectives with other protected goods occurring in the area are to be clarified and conservation and development objectives for the protected goods are to be elaborated.