Eco system benefits of the river Mur

Associated persons Michael Jungemeier, Tobias Köstl, Stefanie Weiglhofer
Clients Styrian Ombudsman for the Environment
Partners Department for Public Finance and Infrastructural Policy (Vienna University of Technology, Prof. Dr. M. Getzner)
Regions Austria
Year 2010

The project focus is on the identification, qualitative description and quantification of the most important ecosystem benefits of the Styrian Mur River, followed ultimately by an assessment of their economic relevance. The methods employed will be an analysis and critical synthesis of the available data. The output is intended to provide an economic parameter for use in the public discussion and consideration of public interests, e.g. for the design and construction of power stations. In addition to the above, a representative survey will be carried out among households in the Styrian catchment area of the Mur about the river’s ecosystem performance with regard to recovery and leisure time as also with a view to the protection of species and nature conservation.