Integrated riverbed sanitation concept Bodental

Associated persons Daniel Wuttej, Tobias Köstl, Susanne Glatz-Jorde
Clients Amt der Kärntner Landesregierung Abteilung 8 - Umwelt, Energie und Naturschutz
Regions Austria
Year 2021

The brook Bodenbach, whose course was artificially straightened in sections several decades ago to create meadow and pasture areas, has developed in the direction of its old course over time due to sedimentation processes. Since the input of stream sediments into the adjacent wetlands and fens could no longer guarantee the continuation of the management of wetland biotopes valuable for nature conservation, an ecological engineering solution was developed to keep the waterbody in its new streambed as far as possible. In addition to designing the shoreline as close to nature as possible, only natural materials available on site, such as rocks and deadwood, were used and the banks were reinforced and planted with willow cuttings from the adjacent wet meadows, which were becoming overgrown in places. Furthermore, an integrated management concept for the preserved wetland habitats was developed with the landowner and the nature conservation department of the province of Carinthia.