Interreg Alpine Space Plan To Connect_Mainstreaming ecological connectivity in spatial planning systems of the Alpine Space

Associated persons Susanne Glatz-Jorde, Daniel Wuttej, Raphael Süßenbacher, Jana Baumgartner, Michael Huber, Ines Schäfer
Clients Interreg Alpine Space Programme (ASP)
Partners Parco National Park Triglav (SI), Nature Park Prealpi Giulie (IT) Nature Park Dobratsch (AT)
Regions Austria, Italy, Slovenia
Year 2022

The Interreg Alpine Space project aims to identify the most effective spatial planning tools and processes to implement green biodiversity infrastructure (GBI) by conducting case studies in the trilateral transboundary pilot region of Austria, Italy and Slovenia (AT-IT-SI). Furthermore, the project coordinates regional activities, e.g. a first analysis of GBI and (spatial) planning tools, conducting analysis of barriers and the validation of project results. Several workshops with the project observers (Triglav National Park, Prealpi Giulie Nature Park and Dobratsch Nature Park) as well as the support of training activities and knowledge exchange between local planning authorities and practitioners are among the project implementation objectives. Central results will be the elaboration of an ecological connecitivity plan or project to strenghten transboundary ecological connectivity.

Further information about the project and key results can be found at the project website (

Our project partners: • Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (Lead Partner) • ALPARC – Network of Alpine Protected Areas • EURAC Research • Asters • Ifuplan – Institute of Environmental Planning and Spatial Development • University of Würzburg • Salzburger Institut für Raumplanung •Veneto Region •Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Total project budget: 2,461,927 EUR Share of E.C.O. ERDF grants: 1,846,446 EUR E.C.O. share: 61709,07 EUR