IUCN Monitoring – Evaluation and Learning Analysis

Associated persons Michael Huber, Daniel Zollner, Lisa Wolf, Susanne Pecher Consulting
Clients IUCN Secretariat
Regions Switzerland
Year 2020

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is one global key player in international nature conservation. One of its most important bodies implementing projects worldwide is the IUCN Secretariat with about 1,000 employees, its headquarters in Gland (Switzerland) and 11 regional offices. Central work programme is the IUCN Quadrennial programme which was adopted during the World Parks Congress 2014.

Now, the strongly branched organisation wants to optimise its organisational monitoring, evaluation and learning processes and develop them further.

Together with Susanne Pecher Consulting, we have been tasked to analyse the structures of the internal monitoring and learning processes of the overall organisation and from that deduct suggestions how these internal processes can be optimised and how the Secretariat can make its global contributions for nature conservation and for the union-wide IUCN programme more visible.