Renaturalisation of the Weissenbach stream for Bad Bleiberg

Associated persons Susanne Glatz-Jorde, Elisabeth Wiegele
Clients Wildbach Bund Lawinenverbauung Sektion Süd
Regions Austria
Year 2020

As part of flood protection measures in the municipality of Bad Bleiberg by the Torrent and Avalanche Control (WLV), E.C.O. was entrusted with the near-natural redesign and implementation support of the Weissenbach stream. An extension of the Weissenbach stream is planned on municipal property; the surrounding area is to be designed as a park. During planning, great value is placed on natural and site-appropriate planting as well as on the creation of new habitats. Locals can use the shore area as a recreational and educational space. Attention was also paid to the culinary quality of the plants. The renaturalised area serves as a habitat for already rare bird species, insects and amphibians. The measures will be completed by summer 2021.