Feasibility Study in the ‘Sava Parks II’ Interreg project: Spačva Forest and Bosut Forest

Associated persons Glatz-Jorde Susanne, Vanessa Berger, Lukas Köstenberger, Maxim Grigull, Hanns Kirchmeir
Clients EuroNatur Foundation
Regions Bosnia - Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia
Year 2020

Spačva Forest and Bosut Forest are extensive former alluvial forests along the Sava River that were cut off from the river system and natural alluvial dynamics by former flood prevention and melioration measures. In the ongoing feasibility study, we are evaluating possible minimum and maximum scenarios of reconnection as a basis for a future restoration project. In addition, we will also define the ecosystem services of the Slavonian oak forests, which represent a unique natural environment along the Sava River.