GEO-Day of Nature. Biodiversity field research event in the UNESCO Carinthian Nockberge Biosphere Reserve.

Associated persons Susanne Glatz-Jorde, Michael Jungmeier, Tobias Köstl
Clients Carinthian Nockberge Biosphere Reserve
Partners ÖKOTEAM Graz
Regions Austria
Year 2020

Since 2016, E.C.O. has been supporting the Carinthian Nockberge Biosphere Reserve in the organisation and implementation of the annual GEO-Day of Nature. Every year, biology experts are invited to this field research event, who document all animal and plant species they can track down within a 24-hour time window. The date is set between May and August, depending on the altitude of the delimited investigation area in the Carinthian part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. During the GEO-Days of the last years (2016: St. Oswald, 2017: Zechneralm, 2018: Grubenbaueralm and Ebene Reichenau, 2019: Döbriach and Laufenberg, 2020: Grubenalm and Kirchheimer Wolitzenalm) about 45 experts were present and usually about 1000 species were documented, among them numerous characteristic and characterising species of the Nockberge as well as some first records. As very year, also in 2020 the respective results will be published as a special volume in the Carinthia magazine.