Nockberge Biosphere Reserve – project coordination

Associated persons Michael Jungmeier, Christina Pichler-Koban
Clients Kärntner Nationalparkfonds Nationalparkverwaltung Nockberge
Regions Austria
Year 2006

The Nockberge National Park is to be transformed into a biosphere reserve according to the UNESCO guidelines. E.C.O. supports and accompanies this process in the areas of planning, public relations, project coordination and project management. As early as autumn 2006, the individual steps necessary for establishing the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve were put into concrete terms and determined in three technical workshops. A number of information sessions started in January 2007 where the people had the opportunity to obtain information about the biosphere reserve project and to be involved in its development. They will be continued with briefing sessions for land owners and, finally, one-to-one conversation with the national park administration for all people interested. E.C.O. has set up a project website for detailed information which can be called up at and the “biosphere reserve” menu item.