Wild Water. Staging concept for Wildenstein Waterfall and Wildenstein Moor

Associated persons Anna Kovarovics, Lisa Schmied
Clients Municipality of Gallizien
Regions Austria
Year 2018

The Wildenstein waterfall is situated in Carinthia, close to the town of Gallizien below the peak of Hochobir. With a height of fall of 54 meters, it is the highest free-falling waterfall in Austria. In 1962, the area was declared a natural monument because of its beauty and its scientific and cultural value. The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) chose the waterfall as the most beautiful place of the year 2017. The municipality of Gallizien commissioned E.C.O. to create a staging concept of the area around the waterfall and of the Wildenstein swamp. Wishes and needs for the site will be elaborated through joint site inspections and participative workshops with actors and stakeholders of the region. A basic concept will illustrate all the planned measures.