Feasibility study UNESCO biosphere reserve Steigerwald

Associated persons Daniel Zollner, Michael Jungmeier, Tobias Köstl, Vanessa Berger, Lisa Wolf
Clients Bavarian Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection, Munich
Regions Germany
Year 2017

The natural area of Steigerwald is a landscape in Northern Bavaria that is characterized by deciduous and coniferous forests, smaller water bodies and vineyards. From a nature conservation perspective, Steigerwald is one of the most valuable deciduous forest areas within Germany. Since 2007, the idea to designate the area as a national park, a UNESCO world natural heritage site or a biosphere reserve, is controversially discussed. Since the establishment of a protected area is a long-term and large-scale decision, long discussions are not unusual. On behalf of the Bavarian Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection, E.C.O. is developing a professional basis for different realization options for a biosphere reserve. This will include opportunities and risks in terms of the development of the natural area, regional economy and society. The findings as well as the realization options will lead to a technically informed evaluation to promote a constructive regional dialogue process.