Staging of the border triangle for the municipality of Arnoldstein

Associated persons Anna Kovarovics
Clients Municipality of Arnoldstein
Regions Austria
Year 2017

Arnoldstein is a municipality in Gail valley, Carinthia, bordering directly on Italy and Slovenia. In Europe, this is the only intersection between the three major European language cultures (Germanic, Slavic, Romanic). Therefore, Arnoldstein, especially the border triangle, is an important hub for cultures and countries. E.C.O. is charged with the task of developing and implementing a new tourism concept to promote a cooperation between actors and municipalities along the Karavanks as well as with the neighboring regions. The concept will include measures to raise awareness and to communicate knowledge in a playful manner at several interesting locations along the hiking trail to the border triangle. Interactive stations, game installations, illustrated charts and other visitor management measures will display information on the topic borders in natural, historical and cultural contexts.