Concept and Implementation Riparian-zone restoration Schilfweg Lendspitz

Associated persons Susanne Glatz-Jorde, Anna Kovarovics
Clients Municipal Department - Climate and Environmental Protection in Klagenfurt
Regions Austria
Year 2017

In the past years, the number of visitors in the European Protected Area of Lendspitz-Maiernigg (Klagenfurt) has continuously increased. The consequences are now visible, especially in the sensitive riparian zone: Reduction of the reed belt, spreading of washouts in the bathing area, narrowing of the dam in a few spots. The erosion of the riparian zone proceeds rapidly, the floods of September 2017 give a clear cause of action. In the project, the breaks in the banks need to be restored, the riparian zones should be designed for short-term visits and the natural character of both the shore and the beaten path should be obtained. In 2018, E.C.O. was commissioned with the implementation of the concept.