Flora@velden.eu - Education included!

Associated persons Christina Pichler-Koban, Anneliese Fuchs
Clients Municipality of Velden am Wörthersee
Regions Austria
Year 2017

Since 2016 the municipality of Velden is one of two Inclusion-model regions in Carinthia. Furthermore, the educational campus (a connected education area) became operational in 2016: Many different educational institutions such as kindergarten, elementary school, new secondary school and international school are concentrated within one spatial area. Children from differing geographical and social origins come together at the campus. Likewise, the flora surrounding the campus consists of plant species originating from varying countries and geographical environments, nonetheless they are perceived as quite typical and native. This idea led to the development of a LEADER-project and E.C.O. was assigned with its conception as well as implementation. In the course of the project, children and adolescents get to know a major part of the plant species growing within their surrounding environment and are additionally inspired and encouraged to learn more details about their actual native origins. Besides, detailed information is presented dealing with the various routes and circumstances plant species took to get here as well as their specific demands and ways of human utilization. The process of knowledge sharing follows a multi- and interdisciplinary approach, across all school types and age groups. The scientific support is accomplished by the Institute of Instructional and School Development (IUS) of the Carinthian Alpen-Adria-University.