Ecosystem services of the Austrian Federal Forestry Company - Phase II

Associated persons Michael Huber, Hanns Kirchmeir, Daniel Wuttej, Vanessa Berger
Clients Austrian Federal Forestry Agency
Regions Austria
Year 2016

Ecosystem services are direct or indirect contributions of ecosystems to the human well-being. As service or goods, they either directly or indirectly prove economical, material, sanitary or psychical benefits to human society. After a successful pilot phase, E.C.O. together with the Vienna University of Technology, now collects data on eleven more ecosystem services of the properties of the Austrian Federal Forestry Company (ÖBf) and calculates their values. The evaluation will enable a comprehensive presentation of the ecosystem services of the ÖBf and their contribution to the well-being of humans, the national economy and to the preservation of biodiversity in Austria.