Pro Parks Academy Brasov

Associated persons Cristian Remus Papp (E.C.O. Rumänien), Daniel Zollner
Clients Pro Parks Foundation Brasov, Flora Fauna International; Financing: Flora Fauna International, Mitsubishi Foundation
Year 2000

The new EU member state of Romania is currently experiencing fast economic development, deep-rooted reforms and radical changes to its everyday life. At the same time, Romania is a European hotspot of biodiversity. Land use and the protection of nature are therefore facing great challenges given the developments currently occurring in protected areas. The recently founded ‘Pro Parks’ foundation in Brasov (Transylvania) has set itself the goal of preparing the country’s protected areas for their future uses through projects, education sessions and training schemes. E.C.O. Romania was also involved with the ‘Pro Parks’ preparations and now devises educational programmes together with other international consultants. These programmes are open to everyone involved in the country’s nature, national and biosphere parks. In addition to providing technical and specialist knowledge (management of protected areas, Natura 2000, technology), the personal skills of colleagues will also be emphasised. The first training session will take place in autumn 2008.