Habitat mapping Salzburg

Associated persons Tobias Köstl, Corinna Hecke
Clients Land Salzburg
Regions Austria
Year 2014

Precise knowledge of the structures of the habitat, in particular the location, quantity and quality, is an essential requirement for the protection of areas that are valuable from a nature conservation perspective. Habitat mapping is therefore a central instrument for proactive nature conservation. Following the first complete survey of the habitat, the province of Salzburg has set about revising the first survey in accordance with a new guideline.

E.C.O. was commissioned to undertake habitat mapping in several municipalities in Salzburg. New technologies were used for the survey, and all the mapping documentation (databases, aerial photographs, camera, etc.) was essentially integrated into the platform of a tablet PC. As well as the mapping work, it was the constant task of the mapping team to offer appropriate information about their work and the habitat to landowners, local residents and other interested parties.