Checkid – Experiencing the wilderness

Associated persons Sigrun Lange, E.C.O. Deutschland GmbH
Clients Austrian MAB National Committee at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)
Regions Germany
Year 2009

For many people “experiencing the wilderness” is an essential prerequisite of getting involved in the conservation of our natural environment. In Europe virtually the only places left where you can still find wilderness are the highly protected zones of conservation areas – the core zones. The project “Checkid – Kids discover the core zone” involves two school classes, one each from Germany and Austria, going on a journey of discovery and experiencing nature in the core zones of the two biosphere parks Großes Walsertal and Rhön. The focus is on the schoolchildren, who are aged from 13 to 14, actively and independently developing wilderness as a theme. The aim is for them to discover the natural spaces in the core zones with their own eyes, record their impressions and exchange them amongst themselves. The young people will present their findings on the website This pilot project will enable the young people to get to grips intensively with the subject of nature. In this way they can be led step by step towards behaving in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way which is fully in the spirit of education for sustainable development.