Cross-border biosphere park Prespa

Associated persons Michael Jungemeier, Stefanie Weiglhofer
Clients Österreichische Bundesforste (ÖBf)
Regions Albania
Year 2010

The cross-border Prespa National park covers some 1,600 km2 and was established jointly by the three neighbouring countries in which the region is located: Albania (17% of the area), Greece (21%) and Macedonia (62%). About 29,000 people live in this region. The area of the Prespa lakes is one of the best known and most important European hot spots for biodiversity – for terrestrial but especially with regard to aquatic ecosystems. It is now planned to transform the Prespa National Park into the first cross-border biosphere park in Southeast Europe. E.C.O. has been commissioned to support the process through capacity building and training courses for the staff of the National Park on the Albanian side.