PANet 2010 – Protected Area Networks. Project development

Associated persons Michael Jungmeier, Daniel Zollner
Clients Office of the Carinthian Government, Dept. 20 – Spatial Planning, Subsection Nature Conservation
Regions Austria
Year 2006

PANet 2010 is a major European project within the Interreg 3B CADSES programme. The project aims to (further) develop cooperation and networking between existing protected areas. Our company supported the project executing body, the province of Carinthia, in the development and submission of the project. Together with the project partners from Central and Eastern Europe we developed the contents, process and financing of the project in moderated workshops and meetings. E.C.O. successfully handled the technical preparation and submission of the project. Following the approval of the project, we are continuing to manage it until the individual project elements are put out to tender and awarded.