EU Enlargement to the East and landscape development in the border region of Styria and Slovenia

Associated persons Hanns Kirchmeir, Daniel Zollner, Judith Drapela, Michael Jungmeier
Clients Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture within the research focus of cultural landscape
Regions Austria, Slovenia
Year 2000

In this interdisciplinary research project examples of the future development options for the Styrian-Slovenian border region (district of Bad Radkersburg and Feldbach as well as the Podravska and Pomurska region) were shown and the chances and risks for a sustainable cultural landscape development were assessed. E.C.O. managed the field of ecology. The concerning work packages contained landscape development windows (concrete landscape excerpts from the years 1834, 2000, 2020 by comparison), the analysis of developments of the landscape and natural regions covering a large area as well as the integration of the ecological, sociological and regional economic data in a prognostic landscape development map (P.L.E.K.).