Reorientation of the Natura 2000 management in Styria

Associated persons Michael Jungmeier, Michael Huber, Daniel Zollner
Regions Austria
Year 2014

For already ten years, the provincial government of Styria has been building up and developing a management structure for its 41 European nature reserves “Natura 2000”. This has made Styria a pioneer in Austria and ensures a comprehensive management of their nature reserves across the whole province. With that, the separation of sovereign and operational-communicative functions was achieved, something what most countries as well as the EU aspire to achieve. The operational part of the management of the nature reserves is now meant to be standardized and transferred to the NGO “Naturparke Steiermark”. This step holds many chances to use the potential of the nature reserves, but must also be well prepared and facilitated systematically. In cooperation with other participants, E.C.O. redefined the tasks, functions and roles of the managements in an ongoing process. In an organizational manual on the management of the nature reserves, the conclusions of the process were summarized. The manual can be used practically and as orientation for everyone involved in the supervision of nature reserves.