Monitoring of Natura 2000 Implementation Measures Schütt/Dobratsch

Associated persons Christian Keusch, Hanns Kirchmeir
Clients Provincial Government of Carinthia
Regions Austria
Year 2011

During the course of a LIFE project in the Natura 2000 areas Schütt-Graschelitzen and Villacher Alpe (Dobratsch), in 2002 a number of measures were planned which were intended to lead to an improvement in the natural environment of the protected areas. In order to evaluate the measures, E.C.O. set up a monitoring system with 33 permanent test areas in eight sites. Amongst other things the area is home to one of the most attractive and largest stocks of Gladiolus illyricus (wild gladiolus) in Austria. The third round of monitoring in summer 2012 showed quite clearly that when applied correctly the planned measures have also led to the desired objectives being achieved.