Governance of soil in the EUSALP region

Associated persons Daniel Zollner, Michael Jungmeier, Pia Höfferle
Clients Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention
Regions Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia
Year 2017

Embedded in the big “AlpGov” Interreg project, E.C.O. together with a series of other spatial planning and soil protection experts from other Alpine countries is developing a governance study. The macro-regional strategy for the Alpine Region – EUSALP that was set up in 2015, is the geographical framework of the project. EUSALP goes beyond the borders of the Alpine Convention and includes the neighboring regions such as the metropolitan regions of Munich, Milano and Vienna.
The study is designed as an advanced network analysis of the current situation of governance mechanisms in spatial planning in terms of quantitative soil protection in the Alpine area. In the project, among others, literature research, expert-workshops and expert interviews provide data for the network analysis. The focus lies on the stocktaking of existing structures and interactions, the descriptions of best-practice-examples as well as the identification of weak spots and potential for improvement.